My Damn Aspiration to Become a Writer

I am really excited to participate for the second time in a row to win a scholarship for the writing course offered by Damn Fine Words (DFW).

I checked many writing courses in the market, but the one offered by Damn Fine Words is the most adequate to my needs because I want to acquire the writing skills to write clear, effective, attractive content to readers in a short amount of time. Also, being guided by an experienced writer along the way is an excellent plus of this course.

I have always had the aspiration to become a damn fine writer because I believe that only with words we can communicate and express in an effective way concepts and ideas that will attract people towards a business. My desire to become a writer became even more significant one year ago when I created TradeMex Décor. My company represents Mexican artisans who believe in honouring their past labour traditions and meld them with contemporary designs. Our products range from rugs, corn husk dolls, paintings, furniture, tiles, etc. My main aim is to promote these beautiful products to overseas markets and to promote Mexican culture at the same time.

I was born and raised in Mexico. While growing up, I saw the rich and varied art and crafts produced by our artisans. I always thought how colorful and beautiful they were, but my perception was that it was mostly for internal consumption and that there was not much interest for these products overseas. Hence, my interest in changing this perception was born and TradeMex Décor was created.

I am already selling our products at different sites such as Etzy, Ebay, and Kichink (an e-commerce site for Mexican made products). The biggest challenges that I have encountered so far are to describe our products in an appealing and effective way and to find the right writing style that would drive readers interested in Mexican culture to my blog.

If I am granted with this scholarship, once I take the course my strategy will be to write more meaningful, appealing content on those sites where TradeMex Décor is already selling at (Ebay, Etzy, and Kichink). Secondly, I will create a website because I believe this will give a larger exposure to our products. Lastly, I want to create a blog not only to promote TradeMex Décor, but most importantly to promote Mexican Culture among readers.

I am convinced of the great potential of the products offered by TradeMex Décor, but I need to find the right words to express their beauty, uniqueness, and richness that will drive more customers to buy them. I am also a great promoter of Mexican culture, and I want to share its cultural richness with the world through a blog that’s engaging and truly expresses the vastness and beauty it possesses as you can picture from the featured image on this post.

My business has already been affected by my lack of good writing skills. It takes me long time to write compelling, attractive sales content. Not only that, I believe I’m not even writing about what truly matters to potential buyers. I have a clear path of how to be successful at this venture as described previously and sweeping away my writing obstacles and acquiring good writing skills is an essential part of my strategy.

If I am chosen as one of the winners, I will be totally committed to excel at this writing course and to put the knowledge acquired to work not only for the success of my company, but also to increase the exposure of Mexican culture to those readers interested.

This is an incredible opportunity to become a Damn Fine Writer. I wish good luck to all those participating in this contest!


My Damn Aspiration to Become a Writer

This post is about my pursuit to win a full scholarship for a writing course offered by Damn Fine Words (DFW).

Finding about DFW’s writing course was a coincidence, but after looking at several other options available on the market, I believe I was lucky to come across this course. Based on all the reviews, I learnt how people’s lives and businesses were positively affected by taking this course so it inspired me to participate.

My experience with writing is limited. I learned the basics in high school and university. Then, I used to write essays which were read only by my teachers. I had no trouble with grammar and/or spelling, but my teacher’s comments were often that I needed to present my ideas more clearly, more precisely, and have a better structure of the content.

I liked writing short stories portraying heroic characters, but I was always too shy to show them to someone because I was afraid of being criticized.

I have read books on how to improve my writing skills and even watched tutorials on this topic, but I am seeking other methods to improve my writing.

I have come to realize that I want to become a better, more efficient writer because I believe that through writing one can transcend in time, transmit knowledge to other people and possibly, affect their lives positively. Also, nowadays social media has such an enormous impact on people’s lives that if one is to become an entrepreneur, it is necessary to learn how to express oneself effectively with a distinct tone of “uniqueness”.

Recently, I established an on-line business for selling contemporary, affordable, and trendy home and décor articles made by Mexican artisans. I am in the process of creating a website which will have a blog section where I will post articles on topics that I believe will be of interest to my target market.

I am aware that I still have a long way to go before I can become an effective writer. However, I am really passionate about making my business succeed because it is a way for me to help the artisans from my country, Mexico, to promote and sell their products globally. I believe it is essential for the success of this business to present the products effectively on the website, to have a continuously updated blog section with interesting content, and to send effective newsletters to potential customers, among other actions. This can only be achieved if I become a better, more effective writer.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to possibly be awarded a scholarship for a writing course at DFW because it represents a chance for myself, a local Vancouver entrepreneur without substantial means, to become a successful writer and achieve my goals.